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Places of excursions, watching, experiencing, enjoying active holidays

It nearly touches our holiday flat: The nationalpark Kellerwald Edersee founded in 2004, spanning more than 5700 hectare and being home of the oldest populattion of beechtrees of Europe. The uninterrupted forest permits walking-tours, and numerous sites yearn to be explored: The adjoining storage dam Edersee lies in only 6 km distance from the holiday flat and also the ruin of the early Christian church Quernstchurch, the high-storage-basin and the cairns of the Bronze Age are sites worthy to visit. We particulary want to draw your attention to the recently established National park centre in which biological and geological phenomena are playfully presented. This is the place to experience nature in a vivid and playful way, be it with the support of a computer, the animated butterfly room, the woodpecker´s cave or one of the many exhibits. An outstanding highlight of the national park centre is the "4 D!! cinema" , an event you definitely shouldn´t miss. Unforgetable sense impressions you will obtain there. Feel free to join the time travel through geological and natural history. Afterwards in the restaurant you may enjoy a delicious meal of this region. Also the heather adventure path, only few meters away from our holiday flat, informs its visitors of rare plants and inhabitants of this old cultural landscape in a playful manner. Children are unswervingly delighted by the information on playing spots which can be found along the path. Outside the national park, the proximate Castle Hessenstein and the idyllically situated Valley Lengeltal with its mills await your visitation.

Visit the Lake Eder

On a length of more than 27 km the Lake Eder offers you all possibilities to practice water sports like going fishing, (pedal) boat, diving, swimming, surfing and water ski. Inspect the dam wall of the Lake Eder or the castle Waldeck from where you will have the most beautiful view on the lake, the Aquapark, the summer toboggan-run or the corn labyrinth. Don’t miss a visit to the lake when in case of low water in the late summer it reveals a unique view on the flooded villages and bridges. Visit the big travern hall below the pump reservoir station (which is one of the biggest artificial caves in Europe) with its enormous generators.
Your special attention is drawn to a visit of the animal park situated above the Lake Eder with its famous show of birds of prey, also you should visit the treetopwalk next. Furthermore our region presents numerous leisure activities which you can reach by car within 5 minutes or by bike within 15 minutes. Here you can play tennis or minigolf or you can go for a pedal boat tour or enjoy trampoline jumping. In the winter months the closely situated skiing places like Winterberg, Willingen, Züschen or Battenhausen can be reached within some minutes by car.

You will also appreciate the small towns like Bad Wildungen, Frankenberg or Korbach which represent in their historical centres their special half-timbering architecture and, of course, invite you with small and bigger shops to go shopping.